Our Approach

We are currently reviewing our funding priorities, and have suspended grantmaking during this planning period. We will provide updates on the process on this page, but feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.

How We Can Help

  • Lend expertise (informally and formally)
  • Convene, connect, and facilitate
  • Support efforts that help us better understand community issues and opportunities
  • Share data and lessons learned
  • Make monetary grants

Our Operating Principles

  • We seek to identify solutions and make a measurable impact.
  • We invest in evidence-informed strategies.
  • We believe the most effective organizations and initiatives engage and listen to those most affected.
  • We value fairness, trustworthiness, and inclusion – in dealing with constituents, partners, others working to serve the community.
  • We commit to learning from our work and to sharing knowledge with others whenever possible.
  • We will collaborate with others when possible – and encourage collaboration among partners when it would benefit the community.
  • We prefer to take a long-term and big-picture focus, and will consider the positive and negative impacts of our work.
  • We value innovation and will not shy away from supporting strategic and appropriate risk-taking.
  • We look for opportunities to replicate and scale the most effective organizations and programs.
  • We pledge to be candid and transparent with our partners, and we seek the same in return.
  • We honor our fiduciary responsibility.

Our funding priorities

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PO Box 26179 Greenville, SC 29616  ◊   info@thegrahamfoundation.org